Trusted by the most active real estate agents in the Dallas market, Lori offers the ability to make good things happen quickly. Whether it’s finding the perfect home or the ideal buyer — often involving those coveted properties that never come to the open market — Lori’s relationships enable her to facilitate smooth, successful transactions.

While Lori’s impeccable credentials and honors speak for themselves, the most important statement made is that Lori takes her real estate business very seriously and is committed to giving her best, every minute of the day.

This level of dedication is amplified by the power of two, as Lori’s husband, Gary Kircher, infuses his unique skills and marketing genius into the real estate services provided. Their partnership also ensures a constant availability to each client.

A Dallas resident since college, Lori’s resources and knowledge base encompass every community in the Metroplex.  As a founding member of The Realtor Alliance, an elite network of 20 top-producing Realtors from a broad cross-section of companies, Lori has the ability to find or distribute information about a property with a few fast phone calls.

“My most valuable resources for serving our clients are my marketing coordinator and business partner — my husband, Gary — and our incomparable office manager and dedicated staff,” Lori says.

  • Duchess Trail - Image
    Duchess Trail Dallas, TX 75229
  • Duchess Trail - Image
    Duchess Trail Dallas, TX 75229
  • Mossvine Circle - Image
    Mossvine Circle Dallas, TX 75254
  • Dothan Lane - Image
    Dothan Lane Dallas, TX 75229
  • Pinocchio Drive - Image
    Pinocchio Drive Dallas, TX 75229
  • Wellingshire Lane - Image
    Wellingshire Lane Dallas, TX 75220

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